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    Royalty and License Free

    All our Music for Pialtes is 100% royalty and license-free. This means you can download and use your purchased musical products in public places without paying any fees to royalty and license organizations e.g. PPL, PRS (UK), APRA & PPCA (Australia), ASCAP (USA).

    Peace of Mind

    All our Music for Pialtes is delivered in MP3 format and is made available for download immediately after purchase. Payments are processed securely by PayPal and you will immediately receive an email on completion of your order which will include your download link to your purchase(s).


    Should you encounter any technical problems for any reason whatsoever, simply get in touch through our Contact Us section of this site, providing your PayPal Transaction ID and we will resend you your download link by return.

  • The Music

    Music for Pilates

    Birds of Paradise - MFP003

    This album consists of 4 tracks, lasting over an hour.

    It is a beautiful, light, and upbeat feel, to lose yourself in these wonderful pianos and guitar-based sounds. You will be able to focus on your teaching and your participants will be able to focus on their practice. Ideal for all style Pilates and relaxation.

    Music for Pilates

    Rivers - MFP005

    The Rivers album consists of 3 stunning tracks, lasting over an hour.

    This Music for Pilates album is a beautiful, chilled download with calming pianos, flute, beautiful acoustic guitars, classic uplifting orchestral strings and pan pipes. This will leave your clients feeling uplifted. Ideal for Pilates and ran form of relaxation exercise.

    Music for Pilates

    Creation of our Dreams - MFP001

    This album consists of 3 tracks, lasting over an hour.

    Music for Pilates has created a beautiful, chilled download with calming piano, flute, oboe, and pan pipes. You will find your clients with their eyes closed and focusing on your voice, leaving them to really concentrate on their practice. Ideal for Pilates and relaxation.

    Music for Pilates

    Whale’s Journey - MFP002

    Consists of 3 tracks, lasting over an hour.

    Music for Pialtes has created a relaxing, mellow, and happy feel, using strings, acoustic guitar, piano, and flute sounds. Suitable for all Pilates styles.

    Music for Pilates

    Funky Music - MFP004

    Consists of 5 tracks, lasting over an hour.

    This Music for Pilates album has an upbeat, fun and funky feel and will leave you and your participants feeling invigorated and energised. Great for a variety of classes, such as Barre and more energetic, circuit-type Pilates. This album has a tempo of 128bpm:

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    Get your royalty-free Music for Pilates track of "Mountain River", a 10-minute music track.

    Music for Pilates
  • About Us

    We are an officially authorised online retail website providing high-quality music tracks to professional Pilates and Fitness Instructors.


    Music for Pilates is an online retail website based in Australia. We are an officially authorized and recognized Australian company based in Brisbane. Our Australian Business Number is 357 201 40898. We started trading in 2014, having developed our Music for Pilates products during 2013.

    Music for Pilates - Our Mission

    Music for Pilates mission is to provide industry-standard, high-quality, and professional music products to support Pilates and Fitness Instructors internationally.

    Music for Pilates

    Lisa Horner - Pilates Instructor

    Lisa Horner, a founder member of Music for Pilates has been working in the fitness industry for over 30 years, initially training and teaching Aerobics and various different mat classes, but the past 20 years her passion has been in Pilates. She has always struggled to find really good usable music for her classes.

    After many wasted CD purchases and hours spent searching for the ideal download, she decided to create her own music. What better time to embark on a new venture as she emigrated to Brisbane, Australia from the UK in 2012. The beautiful scenery and tranquil days inspired the creation of calming and relaxing music.

    Lisa is now teaching in amazing places, some classes are out in the open with beautiful Australian backdrops. These tranquil settings are in perfect harmony with ‘Music for Pilates’ albums. Lisa has rigorously tested all the products and they have proven to be highly successful with her clients and professional colleagues.

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    Music for Pilates prices are in US dollars, but you can pay in any currency and you will be shown the (very competitive) exchange rate when you check out.


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    Music Download Refund Policy – Since musicforpilates.com is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is placed and the product is sent. You are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any music from our site.

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    Below are some simple terms and conditions which will be applicable when you use our Music for Pilates website. By using the Music for Pilates website and/or placing an order, you confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions.


    We sell LEGAL downloads at Music for Pilates for fitness instructors, offering online downloadable music tracks from industry professionals. Our music can be used in any public arena under this license.


    Whilst you may use this music publicly anywhere in the world, you may not upload it to the Internet for use in any project, or video or in any way.


    Yes, all our music is 100% royalty and license-free. This means you can download and use your music in public places, without paying any fees to royalty and license organisations e.g. PPL (UK), PPCA (Australia), ASCAP (USA).


    Please feel free to use our music in:

    Fitness Clubs









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    Actually, anywhere.

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    If you have any suggestions about musical products you would like us to create, then please Contact Us directly. All suggestions will be given our utmost consideration.

    Thank you.

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